What is a case competition?

An opportunity to show your skill and creativity in developing recommendations for addressing a real business challenge, based on information provided on its background, operations and problems. Teams recommendations are evaluated by a panel of judges - including the case’s business owner.


What is a missional business?

While it may mean different things to different people, in this competition we focus on businesses in an unreached nations, with the explicit goal of being profitable while reaching the local community for Christ through business and social impact.


Why are missional businesses important?

Business that contributes to economic and social development of a community is welcomed by developing countries where most of the unreached peoples are today. See Business As Mission: The Why & How. Throughout history, business has always been a change agent in the world that facilitates the spread of the Gospel and community transformation. See articles on Trade & Missions. There are many opportunities for business professionals to serve alongside entrepreneurs to contribute to this cutting edge of the worldwide missions movement today. See International Business Careers.


What's distinctive about this competition?

It is the only one focused on missional business. It may be the only nation-wide faith-based case competition out there. It’s a unique opportunity to network with missional business professionals and entrepreneurs who can enhance your education and career.


Do I need a business background?

It is not a necessity, though it helps to have a basic business understanding. In fact, it is advantageous to build a team with diverse and complementary skills.


Do I need consulting experience?

No, you will find links on our Resources webpage to useful training materials and background reading.


What are the requirements for the team?

Teams must be comprised of 2-4 people. At least one member must be an enrolled full-time student in Spring 2019 and all members must be under the age of 35 at the time of registration. Each team must be comprised of 2-4 members. At least one team member must be an enrolled. The undergraduate teams must consist of all full-time undergraduate students. Each team members must complete the registration process including the pre-competition agreement before a link to the online case materials will be released to the team.  Once the case materials are released to the team, no new team members may join the team.

Will I get training?

You will find links on our Resources webpage to useful training materials and background reading. 

May I seek help from professors at my school?

Yes, each team may consult up to 3 advisors, including professors. Advisors must be followers of Jesus Christ and commit to maintain confidentiality of all case related information. If advisors want to have direct access to the online case documents, they may fill out the Contact Us form and make the request there.

for faculty: how can i participate in the competition?

Professors may encourage their students to participate in this competition and serve as their advisors. They may also use the case as a class project or other academic enrichment. To review the case, please email us for a one-page Faculty Agreement.  When it is returned, you will be granted access to the case files. As it is vital to protect the company’s identity for the safety of its owners and staff, case files will only be viewed online, and not downloadable. 

If you decide to adopt the case as a class project, please take every precaution to only share case info inside the classroom.  Your students will need to register as regular competition participants (in groups of 2-4) and sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to access the case files.  We hope many of them will join the competition.  They may withdraw any time before December 15th, and their solutions will not be evaluated by our judges. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Will I get to meet missional business professionals?

The final round will take place at the Believers in Business Conference in New York City on February 22-23, 2019. Many kingdom-minded business professionals will attend as speakers and mentors. You do not have to be a finalist to attend the conference and we strongly encourage you to attend if you are a MBA student, a graduate student or a professional. If you are a finalist, GLS will cover your registration fee for the conference where the final round judging will be held. Your cash reward will cover your travel cost to New York City.


When is the preliminary round and what are the procedures?

The case will be released to registered teams they have until 9am (PST) January 5, 2019 to submit their solutions online.

A panel of judges comprised of business executives and academics will go through 3 rounds to select 3 finalist teams for each track by January 25, 2019.

All judges will only be given the team names to eliminate any potential bias based on school affiliations, gender, ethnicity, etc. 

Even during the final round when the teams present in person, the judges will not be given information about their school affiliations.

If the team name you create is suggestive of your school, we reserve the right to change the name when your submission is presented to the judges.

When is the final round and what are the procedures?

The final round will take place at the Believers in Business Conference in New York City on February 23, 2019. Finalists will meet and present their final recommendations in PowerPoint before a panel of judges. The winners will be announced on the same day.


Can I attend the final round if I'm not a finalist?

Yes! We strongly encourage you to attend if you are a MBA or graduate student or professional. It will be a unique opportunity to meet kingdom entrepreneurs, learn from their experiences, and network with other like-minded people. However, the Believers in Business Conference is designed for MBA students. Registration for undergraduates will be accepted by the conference administration on a case by case basis if you are not a finalist. We will live-stream the final round event for the competition’s private Facebook group members.


How are the team submissions evaluated?

Judges will evaluate all team submissions based on a rubric that includes business and faith metrics. The case company owner will be one of the judges. The rubric will be released to all participants as part of the case file so you will know what to focus on in your recommendations.